1st Global partners directly with CPAs and financial advisors of high-quality CPA firms who are committed to excellence in providing holistic wealth management advice and services to their clients.

1. CPA and financial advisor referral agreement

A referral from a 1st Global CPA firm is more than your typical referral — it’s a personal introduction.
You will work with a respected CPA professional who has an established client base and personal relationships with his or her clients and who is eager to refer accounting clients to the firm’s dedicated financial advisor. This consistent stream of personal introductions eliminates the need for you to commit the majority of your time to marketing.
2. Independence
With 1st Global, you have the freedom to choose the appropriate solutions for your clients without pressure to promote or push proprietary products.
3. Partnership
1st Global is the only independent wealth management services partner that has a proven system to successfully integrate CPAs and professional financial advisors into strategic business models that serve the complex needs of affluent and ultra-affluent families.
4. Comprehensive and fee-based solutions
We offer everything you need to build a successful wealth management business within a CPA firm.
5. Network
When you join the 1st Global family, you’re able to learn from industry experts and your peers. As an affiliate, you have access to a community of experienced financial professionals. Through our educational programs and events, there’s ample opportunity to network with other financial advisors and CPA firms as you expand your knowledge base.

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